Our Markets

Health care is being dramatically transformed by several converging forces. These include the accelerating growth of precision medicine, digital technologies, changes in reimbursement, the international shortage of skilled manpower and a renewed focus on the patient at the center of care. At the same time a more and more transparent market for best quality and best price occurs and changes the game. And we see public spending under pressure and a new fiscal policy, that drives a demand for better managed health care facilities.

Many participants in the health care market, especially hospitals, cannot fulfill these new demands, they tumble, especially statutory driven systems. Often new and efficient players shall be installed. The privatization changes the game, adding new participants and sources like private operation and private funds.

Health care authorities, leaders and investors can profit from these disruptive changes. SMIQ can be the crucial contribution to set up all sources and the process of their success, may it be health care quality or other returns.